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C6X Series Jaw Crusher

product introduce:At present, the C6X series jaw crusher has become a popular jaw crusher in the world. The equipment adopts better crushing technology and manufacturing level, which can effectively crush hard and tough wear-resistant materials.

Applications: It is mainly used in various industrial fields such as metallurgy, non-metallic ore, stone industry, cement, construction, refractories and ceramics.


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In order to solve problems such as low production efficiency, our company's energy-saving jaw crusher - C6X series jaw crusher with its years of product development and production experience and services thousands of production line projects.C6X series jaw crusher has good equipment structure, use function, production efficiency and other indicators. It has the advantages of high quality, long life, low cost and high efficiency.


1、With the design of integrated motor base, the base is directly fixed on the crusher without making the base in advance, which reduces the mounting space and realizes a more stable power transmission.

2、The equipment is lubricated with concentrated grease, which can be equipped with manual or automatic grease lubrication system as required to reduce the difficulty of maintenance and ensure the site cleanliness.

3、The equipment frame adopts modular non-welded structure.The frame consists of two hot - rolled steel plates and two high - strength cast iron parts. The movable claws of the equipment are made of high quality cast steel. After optimization, the overall structure is more reasonable.

4、On the basis of repeated calculation and practical application, the equipment cavity type is optimized.The optimized equipment has higher kinematics performance, combined with the large stroke design and the steep Angle design of the elbow plate, making the bottom stroke of the crushing cavity larger and the material handling capacity stronger.

5、The frame adopts separate side wall and front and rear wall design, which greatly improves the service life of the crusher.

6、Double wedge adjustment device makes it easier, more efficient and safer to adjust the unloading port.

Working Principle

The C6X series Jaw Crusher is driven by electric motor. Electric motor drives the driving pulley through SPC belt, and the pulley will drive eccentric shaft to bob the movable jaw. Materials would be crushed or split into pieces when movable jaw drives movable jaw plate to move to fixed jaw plate. When movable jaw drives movable jaw plate away from fixed jaw plate, the crushing cavity volume get larger, then materials that have been crushed in the crushing cavity would be discharged from the discharging opening. As the motor running continuously, the crusher crushes and discharges materials periodically, finally achieving the whole crushing process.


Model C6X80 C6X100 C6X110 C6X125 C6X145 C6X160 C6X200
Feed opening length(mm) 800 1000 1100 1250 1450 1600 2000
Feed opening width(mm) 520 760 850 950 1100 1200 1500
Power KW(Kw) 75 110 160 160 200 250 400
Speed(rpm) 350 260 230 220 220 220 200
Dimension(mm) Discharge opening(mm) T/h T/h T/h T/h T/h T/h T/h
0-90 60 80-110          
0-105 70 70 100-135          
0-120 80 110-150 150-200 160-240        
0-135 90 130-175 170-220 180-260        
0-150 100 145-190 190-250 200-280 240-340      
0-185 125 180-245 235-310 250-360 280-410 320-470    
0-225 150 225-290 280-360 300-430 340-480 370-550 420-610  
0-260 175 330-420 340-490 370-550 430-630 470-700 620-890
0-300 200     380-550 420-620 480-710 530-790 690-1000
0-340 225   470-690 540-790 590-880 770-1100
0-375 250   520-760 600-870 650-970 850-1200
0-410 275     660-950 700-1060 930-1300
0-450 300       750-1100 1000-1500

1. Any change of European Type Jaw Crusher technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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