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GF Series Vibrating Feeder

product introduce:GF series feeder is designed for mobile station, semi-fixed station and small material field. It is characterized by reliability, convenience, large capacity and high vibration intensity

Applications: Metallurgy, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries


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GF vibration feeder is driven by vibrating motor.As an efficient primary feeder, it is specially designed for mobile crushing station (also known as "mobile crusher"), semi-fixed crushing line and small material ground (usually with capacity below 250TPH and usable volume of material silo below 30m3).Suitable for feeding jaw crusher, single impact crusher, hammer crusher, etc.Sometimes used as a conveyor.


1、Compared with traditional metal spring, stone spring not only has the advantages of large bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise and small impact on the foundation.

2、International advanced technology, adopting advanced design concept and manufacturing process, has higher vibration strength and the maximum capacity is more than 20% higher than the traditional feeder.

3、Vibration motor can be used as vibration source, according to the actual needs to adjust vibration motor.It is convenient, convenient, reliable and has high versatility.Just add grease to the vibrating motor regularly every 2,000 hours.

4、The modular design reduces the variety of user spares and makes them more versatile with fewer maintenance points.

5、The GF series vibration feeder adopts the steel shape of larger size as the beam, which has higher bending strength and can bear bigger impact.All the beams and side plates are bolted with high strength torsion shear.The water tank layout is reasonable and the overall appearance is more beautiful.

Working Principle

GF Vibrating Feeder is mainly driven by vibrating motor, which can force materials to move slowly towards the discharge end under the action of vibration. During which, because of the gap between grizzly bars, various sizes of materials will be separated primarily so that the granularity can be more balanced. Generally, there is a bar grizzly at the discharge end of the feeder which can screen out materials finer than the gap between bars and send large materials into the crusher. The feeder is installed on the support which is equipped with the stone spring to hold vibration of the feeder. Feeding refers to convey materials as required. By regulating exciting force of the vibrating motor, the feeding volume can be controlled. The lower layer of grizzly bars under the feeder can screen materials once more.


Model Feeding Chute Size (mm) Max Feeding Size(mm) Max Capacity(t/h) Power KW(HP) Overall Dimension(LxWxH) (mm) Weight(t)
GF0942 900×4200 500 280 2×3.7(5) 4200×1520×1480 3
GF0942M 3
GF0942S 3.3
GF1245 1200×4500 700 450 2×7.5(5) 4650×1870×1555 4.6
GF1245M 4.6
GF1245S 4.9

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