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Mobile Impact Crusher

product introduce:The mobile impact crusher is a common recycling unit, such as top soil, concrete, asphalt and trash removal. It is also a perfect choice for limestone quarry applications.

Applications:mining, quarry, mixing and batching plant, road and building construction, highway, railway and subway, and water conservancy.


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Mobile impact crusher can crush all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials with compressive strength of 350MPa(granite, limestone, concrete, etc.). Large feed size, high crushing capacity and high production efficiency. The final product is shaped like a cube and the particles are in good shape. In the processing of sand and stone mixture, its advantages are obvious, especially the crushing of limestone. Through the impact crusher, can effectively meet the stone standard.


1、Efficient fuel crushing capacity.

2、High durability and long working time.

3、Reliable and stable quality assurance.

4、Simple operation and maintenance.

5、The vehicle control cabinet is equipped with high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system.LCD touch screen with man-machine dialog function, with key start, error operation prompt and protection, electrical control operation, fault prompt and safety prompt.It is convenient, efficient and safe.

Working Principle

The material is uniformly fed into the crusher by the feeder. After the initial crushing, a closed loop is formed through the vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the material. The material is output by the conveyor for continuous crushing.The reciprocating mobile crusher can remove the vibrating screen according to the actual production needs and directly realize the preliminary crushing of materials.Use with other crushing equipment, convenient and flexible.


Model Feeding Equipment Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension Weight (t)
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output
Transport dimension (need tear-down)
KC75-2 3YZS1848 CSB75 102-175 A A+(20~50) 12600×3000×4500(mm) 41
KC160-2 3YZS1860 CSB160 168-192 A A+(30~70) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 59
KT100-2 3YZS1848 HST100H 52-192 A A+(20~50) 12600×3000×4500(mm) 32
KT160-2 3YZS1860 HST160H 72-288 A A+(30~70) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 41
KT250-2 3YZS1860 HST250H 88-360 A A+(30~70) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 49
KT250-2 3YZS2160 HST250H 88-360 A A+(40~90) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 53
KH300-2 3YZS1860 HPT300 84-168 A A+(30~70) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 50
KH300-2 3YZS2160 HPT300 84-168 A A+(40~90) 13800×3000×4500(mm) 54
KH300-2 4YZS2160 HPT300 84-168 A A+(20~80) 13800×3150×4200(mm) 56
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PF1214 300 90-180 120-240 13800×3000×4500(mm) 53
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PFW1214Ⅲ 250 90-190 120-250 13800×3000×4500(mm) 50
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PF1315 300 120-250 150-320 13800×3150×4500(mm) 62
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 180-350 13800×3150×4500(mm) 60
KF1315-2 4YZS2160 PFW1315Ⅲ 300 150-280 150-280 13800×3150×4500(mm) 62
KF1318-2 3YZS2160 PFW1318Ⅲ 300 220-350 250-430 13800×3150×4500(mm) 66
KS1848-1 3YZS1848 50-250 70-300 12590×3000×4500(mm) 26
KS1860-1 3YZS1860 60-320 70-350 13800×3000×4500(mm) 27
KS2160-1 3YZS2160 80-400 90-450 13800×3000×4200(mm) 31

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