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PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

product introduce:PCL shaft impact crusher, also known as PCL shaft fine crusher, also known as sanding machine, is a crushing sanding equipment, with stable operation, convenient maintenance, high sanding rate.It is especially suitable for stone molding and sand production institutions, and can be widely used in hydropower, highway, construction, cement, metal mining and other industries.

Applications:Widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, refractories, construction, high-grade highway, railway and other industries artificial sand production operations.


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PCL vertical impact crusher is the aggregate crushing equipment used by workers in the world, such as artificial mechanical sand, asphalt pavement and concrete mixing station.It is a kind of equipment with high energy and low consumption.This product is widely used in ore, cement, refractories, aluminum-sand clinker, emery sand, glass raw materials, machine room sand, stone, metallurgical slag and other industries.


1、Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operation cost.

2、Unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design give the machine tool features of heavy load and high-speed rotation.

3、Excellent granular, cubic and needle content is extremely low, which is suitable for aggregate molding, artificial sand making and high quality highway aggregate production.

4、 The self-lining materials in the impeller and vortex crushing cavity greatly reduce the wear cost and maintenance workload.

5、Smooth operation, low noise, efficient energy saving and high crushing efficiency.

6、The product is cubic, with high density and low iron pollution.

Working Principle

Material from the hopper into the crusher, the dealer materials can be divided into two parts, the part from the middle of the dealers to high-speed rotating impeller, the impeller speed up rapidly, its acceleration can be up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, and then in the 60-70 - m/s speed from three unified quality catapulted out of impeller passage, receives part of the dealers in drop impact crushing material first, and then use vortex cavity impact rebound lining material and lining material, oblique upward shocks to the top of the swirl chamber, and change the direction of movement, deflecting downward movement, from the materials of impeller discharge channels form a continuous materialThe material in the vortex in the crushing cavity impact of two or more friction grinding and crushing effect crushed material from the feed opening And cycle screening system to form a closed loop, general circulation can be broken into three times under 20 mesh material in the crushing process, material fracture, collide with each other not direct contact with the metal parts, but a collision with the lining material friction broken, reduces the pollution of Angle, extended the mechanical wear and tear of time Swirl chamber air circulation to eliminate the dust pollution.


Model Rotate speed of impeller (r/min) Max feed size (mm) Power (kW) Weight (including motor) (t) Capacity (t/h) Overall dimensions (mm)
PCL-600 2000-2600 30 2×30 5.6 10-30 2800×1550×2030
PCL-750 1600-2100 35 2×45 7.5 30-50 3300×1800×2440
PCL-900 1300-1700 40 2×55 12 50-80 3750×2120×2660
PCL-1050 1100-1450 45 2×110 16 70-120 4480×2450×2906
PCL-1250 950-1200 45 2×132 22 80-150 4563×2650×3176
PCL-1350 900-1200 50 2×160 26 120-200 5340×2940×3650

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